I love teaching. I find the human voice and piano fascinating and I feel that everyone has the potential to improve. I work with students of all ages and skill levels, creating an encouraging environment and catering to the unique needs of each student. By employing my extensive classical music training, I thrive in teaching all styles of music and every experience level, from beginner to advanced.
— Nicholas

Lessons take place at a studio in downtown Portland as well as a home studio in inner SE. To inquire about lessons, email Nicholas at:


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60 minute lesson: $75

45 minute lesson: $60

30 minute Lesson: $42


Singing Lessons

Nicholas has taught thousands of lessons, working with professional singers, hip-hop artists, public speakers, treble and teenage voices, karaoke enthusiasts and everyone in between. Through experience Nicholas has learned to cater his approach to each student as an individual. He uses vocal exercises to strengthen and free the voice of tension, all the while creating a fun and relaxing environment. Lessons include breath support, ear training, musicianship skills, body engagement/awareness, reading music, and more.  Nicholas works with students to achieve their individual goals, however small or large they may be.

Lessons in Classical Voice  - The Swedish-Italian School

Since 2015, Nicholas has been mentored by world-renowned voice teacher David Jones in New York City, and is trained in the teaching of the Swedish/Italian School of Singing (which produced such singers as Kirsten Flagstad and Jussi Björling). The Swedish/Italian singing technique has a long tradition, beginning in the 19th century. The principles of this method are a free voice with efficient resonance and carrying capacity, flexibility, a large vocal range, a pleasant individual timbre, and a well-balanced vibrato combined with clear diction. These fundamental principles can be applied to all musical styles and enable the singer to communicate freely with the audience.

Piano Lessons

Nicholas strives to make sure all his piano students are playing music they love. He utilizes a combination of sight reading exercises, long-term challenging pieces, and occasionally learning from memory while focusing on posture, musicality, and technique. Nicholas is well-versed in all styles of music, with a forte in classical and jazz.

Combination Voice + Piano Lessons

Nicholas has helped several singer/songwriters improve their technique and become more comfortable at playing and singing at the same time. Nicholas has also worked with many performers who play guitar.  While not a guitarist himself, he is well-equipped to support guitarists to maximize their singing and guitar skills.

In-Home Lessons

Nicholas is also available to teach lessons right in your home!  Contact Nicholas for more information, and be sure to include your location. Minimum lesson time must be 1 hour and a piano or keyboard is required.

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Nicholas has taught piano to my daughter since last fall (Sept. 2018). She’s 11 years old and can be prickly by the weekend after a full week of school, sports and extracurriculars. I’m not sure what magic Nicholas weaves during their hour together. However, she emerges from her lessons happy, centered and energized. Kids often quit after a year or two of music lessons because life gets busy and practicing can be another chore. However, Nicholas is always encouraging and makes the lessons fun. I would highly recommend Nicholas to anyone looking for a voice or piano instructor for their kids.
— Betty Kobos, parent
I have been taking private voice lessons from Nicholas since November 2017 and have enjoyed every lesson! I grew up singing in church but developed some bad habits. Nicholas has been helping me sing in a healthy way by strengthening my head voice and smoothing out the “break” from chest to falsetto. He is very knowledgeable and a joy to work with.
— Dan Feliciano
I have been studying voice with Nicholas for over a year, he is a wonderful and talented instructor who has really helped me discover my natural abilities. I honestly never realized that I would progress as far as I have, and my vocal work continues to surpass all of my expectations. It is such a pleasure to work with such a generous and encouraging instructor who really knows music and vocal studies
— James Marlow
Nicholas has a genuine love of music and singing which he expresses both in his teaching and his own performances. One thing that makes Nicholas really stand out as teacher is that he really listens to his students and to their voices. Nicholas has focused on freeing my natural sound and developing better resonance through proper placement. Rather than feeling frustrated or self-conscious about having a “difficult” voice, thanks to Nicholas I’m discovering my unique instrument!
— Augustina Ragwitz
As a singer-songwriter who recently parted ways with her pianist, I needed to figure out how to accompany myself while performing. Piano was always something I wanted to learn, so when I found Nicholas, I was ecstatic. In just a matter of months, I accompanied myself at my first recital! And with less than a year of lessons under my belt, I’m now recording piano tracks for my EP. I would recommend Nicholas to anyone interested in learning piano.
— Natalie Lynn
Nicholas is a patient, encouraging and positively-spirited instructor who instills confidence and enthusiasm in his students. His classes are invigorating and therapeutic. I look forward to each and every lesson. Wish I had started taking these classes years ago!
— David Deutsch
Nicholas has been a fantastic help for me. I highly recommend him for anyone who thinks that they cannot sing, but wants to learn how.
— Sean Mandelbaum